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Deep Elem Blues Ukulele tab

Grateful Dead

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by Rowane

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Deep Elem Blues

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(Intro) E E E E-------------------|-------------------|--------------------- B-------------------|-------------------|--------------------- G-------------------|-------------------|--------------------- D--------2--2-0-----|------2-2-2-0------|--------2--2--0------ A------2--------4-2-|----2---------4--2-|-----2-----------4-2- E--3-4--------------|3h4----------------|-3h4----------------- E7 A7 E E----------------------|------------------------------------ B----------------------|------------------------------------ G----------------------|------------------------------------ D--------2-0-----------|-----------------2---4^5-2---2------ A-----2-------1^2------|---------0-0-0-4---4-------4-------- E-3h4--------------3--0|-0-2-3-4-----------------------3-4-0 B E E----------------------------------------------------------- B----------------------------------------------------------- G----------------------------------------------------------- D-----------4-1--------------------------------------------- A-----0-1-2-----2---5^6--4--2-------2----------------------- E-2^4--------------------------2h4-----0--------------------
E If You Go Down To Deep Elem E Put Your Money In Your Shoes E The Women In Deep Elem E E7 Got them Deep Elem Blues A7 Oh, sweet Mama, E Your Daddy's Got Them Deep Elem Blues B Oh, sweet Mama, E Your Daddy's Got Them Deep Elem Blues Once I Had A Girlfriend, She Meant The World To Me She Went Down To Deep Elem, Now She Ain't What She Used To Be Once I Knew A Preacher, Preached The Bible Through And Through He went down to Deep Elem, Now His Preaching Days Are Through When You Go Down To Deep Elem To Have A Little Fun, Have Your Ten Dollars Ready When The Police Man Comes When you go down to Deep Elem Put your money in your pants Cause the women in Deep Elem They don't give a man a chance
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