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Grateful Dead

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by gustsilva

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C                      F         Am 
Sleepy Alligator in the noon day sun 
C                               F       Am 
Lyin' by the river just like he usually done 
C                           F             Am 
Call for his whiskey he can call for his tea 
C                           F          Am 
Call all he want to but he can't call me 

Oh no I've been there before 
And I ain't gonna come around here no more 

C      Dm     F     C   C7 

F                     C 
Hung up waitin' for windy day 
F                     C 
Hung up waitin' for windy day 

F                       C 
Creepy alligator coming all around the bend 
F                                    C 
Shoutin' about the times when we was mutual friends 
F                        C 
I checked my memory and I checked it quick yes I will 
F                             C 
I checked it runnin' some old kind of trick 
Dm              A 
Oh no Well I've been there before 
G7                           A 
And I ain't gonna come around here any more 

A    E 

A                            E 
Sailin' down the river in an old canoe 
A                      E 
A bunch of bugs and an old tennis shoe 
A                    E 
Out of the river all ugly and green 
A                              E 
Came the biggest old alligator that I've ever seen 
A                            E 
Teeth big and pointy and his eyes were buggin' out 
A                             E 
Contracted the union put the beggars to rout 
A                             E 
Screamin' and yellin' he was pickin' his chops 
A                     E 
He never runs he just stumbles and hops 
A                     E 
Just out of prison on ten dollars bail 
A                    E 
Mumblin' bitches and waggin' his tail 

E     D    Em   E 
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