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Scars On This Guitar Ukulele tab

Bon Jovi

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by ang%2Dletra

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Scars On This Guitar

Another friday night I'm somewhere 
A little drunk and worn out from the show 
It's a hallway to a hotel room 
F7M                                        (G - Am7 - F6) 
The truck's already rolling down the road 
I find the lights take off my coat 
                                     (C - F7M) 
I see here there just lying on the bed 
She's seen me through my yesterdays 
   G                                 (C - G) 
God knows tonight I'm needing her again 

          C9      F9 
She's the place I go 
                              C9    F9 
When there's no where left to run to 
          C9      F9 
She's the one I hold 
                           Am    G 
When there's no one to hold on to 
She's been with me late at night 
When I was drowning in the dark 
She heard my every word 
When I was pouring out my heart 
So I thank my lucky stars 
          G                                F9 
For every crack scratch and scar on this guitar 

       Am                      F 
She's given me her beset when I am at my worst 
When I can't find the pieces 
Fingers scratching in the dirt 
She offers no forgiveness 
Cause she likes to make it hurt 

C Morning like a freight train F7M Last night still ringing in my head C Before today becomes tomorrow F7M (G - Am7 - F6) Tonight I know I'll do it all again (Refrão) C So I thank my lucky stars G F9 C F7M C For every crack scratch and scar on this guitar
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