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Blood On Blood Ukulele tab

Bon Jovi

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Blood On Blood

Year: 1988 - Album: New Jersey

D5-D5  G5-G5 PS D5-D5 G5-G5 
D5 D5 G5 G5 A5  B5 A5 G5 D5 
     D                          G 
Well I can still remember, When I was just a kid 
     D                                 G 
When friends were friends forever, and what you said was what you did 
     D5 (pwr chrd)                     G5 
Well it was me and Danny and Bobby, We cut each others hands 
Bm                       A5 
Held tied to a promise, only brothers understand 
This is that little thing before the Chorus: 
    G5         Bm    A5 
And we were so young (so young) 
G5              Bm      A5   G5                  A5      B5 A5 D5      G5 
One for all and all for one, just as sure as the river's gonna rise 
         D5            G5       Bm                A5                 D5  G5 
Blood on Blood, one on one.  We (*)          when all was said and done. 
         D5            G5       Bm                A5                 D5  G5 
Blood on Blood, one on one.  And I'll be there by you 'til kingdom come. 
Blood on Blood. 
And this just repeats 

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