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99 In The Shade Ukulele tab

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by HtagBgha

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99 In The Shade

Year: 1988 - Album: New Jersey

  		                 INTRO:   A#   C    A#    C 
C      						A# 
I feel I'm burning up with fever But the fire's feeling really good tonight  
And it's alright  I'm gonna see Sahara Jack and Suntan Sally  
Somebody tells me even Tommy's coming down tonight  
If Gina says it's alright   
                A#                                   F 
I'm gonna see those Senoritas  Lying under the sun  
                 C                                 A 
They're greasing it up With know I want to be their blanket  
           F                          G                             (G-G#-A-A#) 
Gonna tell every girl Hey, baby... You're the one...  
A# F C Oh tell the boys I'm on my way A# F C I got the radio blasting in my old man's Chevrolet A# F C I got a party in my pocket cause you know I just got paid A# F C And I'm feeling fine, it's 99 in the shade A# F C I'm feeling fine, it's 99 in the shade
VERSE: When the sun goes down that's when the street heats up Senorita Margarita fills your empty cup tonight ? She make you feel alright A good time here don't cost much money Just a little sweet talking and a pretty native honey And you're set for life Or one hell of a night PREChorus: I'm gonna see those sons of beaches Out there living it up the surf And the sand, Man that life ain't so tough So get me in the action so I can tell Every girl she's the one Chorus SOLO Chorus
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