Sweet Song




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Sweet Song

	  		(intro) Eb Eb/D Eb Eb/D 

(verse 1) 
Eb      Eb/D Cm  Bb 
What am I to do 
Ab         Bb 
Someone is really unhappy 
Eb    Eb/D      Cm  Bb 
Put myself on a knife 
Ab            Bb                   Ab 
It seems I'll never get through to you 
(still Ab)              Eb 
So I'll weam myself off slowly 

(verse 2) (same chords) 
I'm a darkened soul 
My street's all pop music and coke 
All our lives on tv 
Just switch off and try to sleep 
People get so lonely 

(for want of a better name) Fm Bb I believe, I believe, I believe Gm F# Fm Everything's out to see (sea?) Fm Bb I believe, I believe, I believe Gm F# Fm I believe it's the way it should be Fm Bb I hope you feel the same
(verse 3) Everyone is dying Stop crying now here comes the sun I didn't mean to hurt you, oh no no It takes time to see what you've done So I'll wean myself off slowly (Chorus 2) I believe, I believe, I believe Love is the only one I deceive, I deceive, I deceive I deceive cos I'm not that strong I hope you feel the same (bridge) Gm F Eb Bb And now, now It seems that Gm F Eb Bb It's falling apart Gm F But I hope I see the good in you Eb Bb Come back again Cm Bb Eb I just believed in you (outro) (begins on "you") Eb Eb/D Cm Bb Ab Bb Eb
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