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Written by Damon Albarn/Graham Coxon/Alex James/Dave Rowntree

Key:  E More
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	  		E	 A	 E		  A 
Chemical part of the peach 
G			   A 
You?re always your way you are 
What of that 
Going to close you in 
F#		    B 
You?ve got a gaping hole in your head 
I?d let the birds nest there instead 

E	A 
Ah	ah 
E	A 
Ah	ah 
E	C# 
Ah	ah 

(music - E & A) 

E	      A 
A gun in your pocket 
E	      A 
And hair in a locket 
G				        A 
Around your neck from the girl you once loved 

Where is she now 
You?re plum crazy 

(repeat Chorus) 
(middle same as verse) 
(repeat Chorus many times) 
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