Out of Time


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by  GIDE

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Out of Time

Year: 2003 - Album: Think Tank

Written by Damon Albarn/Alex James/Dave Rowntree

	  		Em             F          Em 
   Where's the love song?  
   To set us free  
            Em     F     
   Too many people down 
              Em          F         G 
   Everything turning the wrong way around  
Em             F        Em         F 
   And I don't know what love will be  
                   Em       F 
   But if we start dreaming now  
                    Em    F         G 
   Lord knows we'll never leave the clouds  
                Em       F 
And you've been so busy lately  
         Em                F 
that you haven't found the time  
   Em           F    
To open up your mind 
    Am              E        C             F  
And watch the world spinning gently out of time  
(Repeat for next verse and Chorus)  
Am              E 
Tell me i'm not dreaming 
    C             F 
But are we out of time 
We're out of time 
Out of time 
Out of time 
Out of time 
Out of time 

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