Fade Away



by  GIDE

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Fade Away

Year: 1995 - Album: Live At The Budokan

Written by Damon Albarn/Graham Coxon/Alex James/Dave Rowntree

C                  F#m       C  F#m 
They stumbled into their lives 
     C            F#m        C  F#m 
In a vague way became man and wife 
    B             Abm        B        Abm 
One got the other they deserved one another 
    C             F#m        C  F#m    
They settled in a brand new town 
    C             F#m        C  F#m    
With people from the same background 
   B              Am 
They kept themselves busy 
   B              Am 
Long hours left them dizzy 
   Abm7  Gm9  Abm7     Gm9 
Now when he's in she's out 
C            F#m       C  F#m 
All you ever do is fade away 
Abm7                F#m7 
They are not making plans 
Abm7                F#m7 
Because now they understand 
C            F#m       C  F#m 
All you ever do is fade away 
C                   f#m      C   F#m 
He noticed he had visible lines 
    C            F#m         C   F#m 
She worried about her 'behind 
   B             Abm 
Their birth had been the death of them 
   B             Abm 
It didn't really bother them 
   Abm7  Gm9  Abm7      Gm9 
Now when she's in, he's out 

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