Ernold Same




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Ernold Same

Written by Damon Albarn/Graham Coxon/Alex James/Dave Rowntree

	  		C                          Bbm7 
Ernold Same awoke from the same dream 
       C    Bbm7       C 
In the same bed at the same time 
Looked in the same mirror 
Made the same frown 
And felt the same way as he did every day, 
      C          Bbm7 
Then Ernold Same caught the same train 
      C     Bbm7         C 
At the same station, sat in the same seat 
With the same nasty stain 
          E                 G7 
Next to same old what's his name 

(on his way the same place to do the same thing) 

Again and again...poor old Ernold Same. 

Oh Ernold Same, 
His world stays the same, 
Today will always be tomorrow, 
Poor old Ernold Same, 
He's getting that feeling once again, 
F   F (bass - E)          Dm     G7 
Nothing will change tomorrow. 
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