Dan Abnormal




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Dan Abnormal

Written by Damon Albarn/Graham Coxon/Alex James/Dave Rowntree

	  		A7     G7     A7     G7 
Meanie leanie come on down 
A7     G7     A7     G7 
Come and entertain the town 
A7     G7     A7     G7 
It's Friday night and we're all bored 
A7     G7     A7     G7 
Times been called there is no more 
A7     G7     A7     G7 
Times been called it's such a bore 

A      G     A     D 
Dan Abnormal not normal at all 
F#      D              B7 
It's not his fault we made him this way 
      A    G   A      G 
He'll imitate you try to ape you 
F#             D       B7 
But it's not his fault Dan watches T.V. 

A7     G7     A7     G7 
The Meanie leanie stays up late 
A7     G7     A7     G7 
Mopes areound gets in a state 
A7     G7     A7     G7 
He the killer in your arcade 
A7     G7     A7     G7 
Killing gangstas ready made 
A7     G7     A7     G7 
Cause that is where the futures made 

Teleport me 

F#                    D 
Dan went to his local burger bar 
I want McNormal and chips 
Or I'll blow you to bits 
G        A 
Give us it 

         A7   G7     A7     G7 
It's the miseries at half past three 
A7       G7  A7     G7 
Watching video nasties 
   A7        G7          A7       G7 
He has dirty dreams wile he's asleep 
A7         G7    A7      G7 
Dan's just like you you see 
A7     G7     A7     G7 
He's the Meanie leanie 
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