Best Days


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Best Days

	  		C           Am               C 
Bow bells say goodbye to the last train 
Over the river they all go again 
Dm       (bass - C)  G     Dm     (bass - C) 
Out into leafy nowhere hope someone 
        F             G 
Waiting out there for them 
C              Am               C 
Cabbie has his mind on a fare to the sun 
He works nights but it's not much fun 
Dm       (bass - C)  G         Dm      (bass - C)        F 
Picks up the London yo yo's, all on their own down soho 
Please take me home 

C            (bass - B)          Am7 
Other people wouldn't want to hear you 
Ab           (bass - G)           F         Ab       G 
If you said that these are the best days of their lives 
C            (bass - B)         Am7 
Other people would turn around and laugh at you 
Ab             (bass - G)        F         Ab    G      C 
If you said that these were the best days of our lives 

Dm       (bass - C)   G 
Trellick Tower's been calling 

Dm       (bass - C)            F       G 
I know she'll leave me in the morning 
C            Am                   C 
In hotel cells listening to dial tones 
Remote controls and cable moans 
Dm       (bass - C)    G 
In his drink he's been talking 
Dm      (bass - C)      F              G 
Gets disconnected sleepwalking back home 
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