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Written by Damon Albarn/Graham Coxon/Alex James/Dave Rowntree

Key:  Am More
1992 Key EmEm
1992 Key FmFm
1992 Key F#mF#m
1992 Key GmGm(one step down)
1992 Key G#mG#m(half step down)
1992 Key AmAm(original key)
1992 Key A#mA#m(half step up)
1992 Key BmBm(one step up)
1992 Key CmCm
1992 Key C#mC#m
1992 Key DmDm
1992 Key D#mD#m
	  		(intro) Am 

Am         D 
Going into business 
F#m             D 
An agreement of your bombast 
You'd love my bed 
Bm                   D     Dm 
You took the other instead 
Am                 D 
But don't you feel low 
F#m         D 
I was being oblique 
And you'd love my bed 
Bm                  D     Dm 
You got the other instead 

(middle - weird electric solo) 
Am D F#m D G# Bm D Dm 

Am          D 
What do you owe me? 
F#m               D 
The price of your piece of mind 
You'd love my bed 
Bm                   D     Dm 
You took the other instead 

(repeat chords multiple times) 
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