Arctic Monkeys

One Point Perspective

Arctic Monkeys

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One Point Perspective

Written by Arctic Monkeys/Alex Turner

Dancing in my underpants 
I'm gonna run for government 
Eb6                                                 Eb7 
I'm gonna form a covers band and all 
And back there by the baby grand 
Didn't Mr. Winter Wonderland 
Gm7                          G7                         Cm7 
Say come here kid, we really need to talk? 
Ab7M                                                  Abm6  Gm7  Gm7 
Bear with me, man, I lost my train of thought 

I fantasise and call it quits 
I swim with the economists 
Eb6                                             Eb7 
And I get to the bottom of it for good 
By the time when reality hits 
The chimes of freedom fall to bits 
Gm7                 G7             Cm7 
The shining city on the fritz 
Ab7M                                                         Abm6  Gm7  Gm7 
They come out of the cracks thirsty for blood 

Cm7                       Gm7                     Fm7 
         Just as the apocalypse finally gets prioritised 
|Fm7               Gm7                  Cm7 
And you cry some of the hottest tears 
                         Gm7                      Fm7 
You never cried multiplied by five 
I suppose the singer must die 

Solo Eb7M  Eb(#5)  Eb6  Eb7  Ab7M  Abm6  Gm7  Gm7 

Singsongs around the money tree 
Eb(#5)                                       Eb6                                      Eb7 
This stunning documentary that no one else unfortunately saw 
  Ab7M                                  Abm6 
Such beautiful photography, it's worth it for the opening scene 
Gm7                                                       Cm7 
I've been driving 'round listening to the score 
  Ab7M                                  Abm6 
Or maybe, I just imagined it all 
Gm7                                                Cm7 
I've played to quiet rooms like this before 
Ab7M                                                Abm6 
Bear with me, man, I lost my train of thought 

( Gm7  G7 Cm7  Ab7M  Abm6 ) 
( Gm7  G7 Cm7  Ab7M  Abm6 ) 
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