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Lead Me On Ukulele tab

Amy Grant

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by Nick+D

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Lead Me On

Year: 1988 - Album: Greatest Hits


G/B  C  C/E  F  Am  G X3 
G/B  C  C/E  Bb F 

Dm G/B C7 

Verse 1: 
Eb       F      C7 
Shoulder to the wheel, 
    Eb              F       C7 
For someone else's selfish gain  
Eb                F        Em/G Em Em/G Am 
Here there is no choosing, working the clay  
Dm/A Am G        F 
Wearing their anger 
Dm     G/B      C7 
Like a ball and chain  

Eb    F      C7 
Fire in the field, 
Eb              F       C7 
Underneath the blazing sun  
    Eb                F     Em/G Em Em/G Am 
But soon the sun was faded, freedom was a song  
Dm/A Am G        F 
I heard them singing 
Dm     G/B      C7 
When the day was done  
Dm    G/B    C7 
To the holy one    
G/B C C/E F Lead me on, lead me on Am G G/B To a place where the river runs, C C/E F Am Into your keeping, oh G/B C C/E F Lead me on, lead me on Am G G/B The awaited deliverance, C C/E Bb9 F Comforts the seeking F Lead on Dm G/B C7 Verse 2: Waiting for the train, Labeled with a golden star Heavy hearted boarding, whispers in the dark Where are we going? Is it very far? Bitter cold terrain, Echoes of a slamming door Chambers made for sleeping, forever Voices like thunder, In a mighty war Cry out to the Lord Chorus Bridge Em F Man hurts man G F Em F G Time and time, time again Am Bb And we drown in the wake of our power Bb/Ab G/B Somebody tell me why G/B C C/E F Am G X3 G/B C C/E Bb F C/E F G Chorus 2x
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