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Breathe Of Heaven Chords

Amy Grant

Difficulty: ExpertExpert

by herbsmithIII

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Breathe Of Heaven

  		Em/B  Bm   Em/B       Bm   Em/G  
I have travelled many moonless nights,  
Em/G      Bm   Em/B              Bm   A   D  
Cold and   weary      with a babe inside,  
D        Em       Bm           G      
And I wonder what I've done.  

 G2    Em     Bm          G  
Holy Father, You have come,  
     A               G          A              Bm Em/B  
and chosen me now to carry Your  Son.  

Em/B  Bm Em/B  G     Bm  Em/G   Em  
I  am    waiting     in a  silent     prayer.   
Em   Bm     Em/B G            Bm    A     D  
I am frightened      by the load    I   bear.  
D    Em         Bm       G  
In a world as cold as stone,  
G         Em          Bm       G  
Must I walk this path alone?  
A                 G  
Be with me now.  
A                 D  
Be with me now.  
D Breath of Heaven, Em/B Bm G/B D Hold me together, Em/B Bm G/B F#/Bb Bm Be fo-or-ever near me, A/G G D2 Breath of Heaven. D Breath of Heaven, Em/B Bm G/B D Lighten my darkness, Em/B Bm G/B F#/Bb Bm Pour over me Your holiness, A/G G A/E For You are holy. Em/A Bm Em/B Breath of Heaven.
Em/B Bm Em/B G Bm Em/G Em Do You wonder as you watch my face, Em Em/B Em Bm A D If a wiser one should have had my place? D Em Bm G But I offer all I am G Em Bm G For the mercy of Your plan. A9 G A G A D Help me be strong, help me be, help me. Chorus 2x D G Breath Of Heaven

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