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Avant Garden Ukulele tab


Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate

by Teusalves

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Avant Garden

Year: 2001 - Album: Just Push Play


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Intro E|--------------------------------------------------------------------------------| B|-----6--6--5--3---------6-6-5-3---------6-6-5---3-------6-5-3-------3-----------| G|------------------------------------------------5-----------5-3-5---5-----------| D|--------------------------------------------------------------------------------| A|--------------------------------------------------------------------------------| E|--------------------------------------------------------------------------------| E|--------------------------------------------------------------------------------| B|-----6--6--5--3---------6-6-5-3---------6-6-5---3-------6-5-3--3--3-------------| G|------------------------------------------------5-----------5--5---5------------| D|--------------------------------------------------------------------------------| A|--------------------------------------------------------------------------------| E|--------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Intro C Gm F C Bb G# Bb G# Eb Bb I had a friend who spoke of fate and he knew of G# Eb Another place in space n' time Bb G# Eb He told of how me and my lady F Could look but we would never find Bb G# Eb He said if you please I beg your pardon Bb G# Eb Sometimes the things you see they just ain't so Bb G# Eb Your life can be an avant garden F 'Cause love's what makes your garden grow
C The sun leads the way Am The moon lights the sky F I see you and I C Bb Lyin' in my avant garden C I dream of the day Gm When our worlds collide F We won't be tonight C Bb G# Here inside our avant garden
Bb G# Eb Sometimes my life ain't what it's seemin' Bb Right from the start G# Eb It's what your heart's believing Bb G# Eb Could always just be lucid dreamin' F But dreams just ain't enough for me
Fm You know it just ain't right C To deal with other's shite Fm No one should ever be C So broken hearted= Am Don't never be afraid G# 'Cause when you've got it made G Yeah you don't even have ta try yeah
Solo C Bb F (x2) Am G# G Bb G# Eb So I'll be waiting in your garden F Watchin' all your flowers grow Refrão Solo C Gm F C Bb (x2) C The sun brings the rain Gm The moon needs the sky F I see you and I C Bb Lyin' in my avant garden C Beware of the lies (Our friend is unwise) Gm A word to the wise F There's sweet cherry vibes C Bb G# And truth inside our avant garden yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah (Do it, do it, do it, do it ) D Bb You can spend your whole life tryin' D Bb You can spend ever more money (nah under my skin...)
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