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Forgetful Lucy Ukulele tab

Adam Sandler

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Forgetful Lucy

  		Intro: E  A    
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e|-0--0-0----------------------- B|--------4--4-4--2-2-2--4------ G|------------------------------ D|------------------------------ A|------------------------------ E|------------------------------
E The Hukilau was the place A Where I first saw your face E We liked each other right away A But you didn't remember me the very next day B Forgetful Lucy A Has got a nice caboosey E I used to trick you into pulling your car over so we could chat A But my favorite time was when you beat the shit out of Ula with a bat E Then we drove up to see Dr. Keats A And found out why Doug always has to change his sheets B Forgetful Lucy A Cracked her head like Gary Busey E But I still love her so A And I'll never let her go E Even if while I'm singing this song A She's wishing I had Jocko the walrus' schlong B Forgetful Lucy A Her lips are so damn juicy E A E How about another first kiss
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