William Fitzsimmons


William Fitzsimmons



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Custom Tuning 
E G# C# F# B D# 

Or alternatively 
Custom Tuning 
F A D G C E 

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Chords: G Am F C E--------------0----0--------- C----0----0----0----0--------- G----0----2----0----0--------- D----0----2----5----2--------- A----2----0----3----3--------- F----2---------0-------------- Verse: Am G F E-----------------------------------0---------------- C------------0----------------------0---------------- G----2h4------------4------0--------0--strum--------- D-----------------------------------5---------------- A----0----0-----0-------------------3---------------- F-------------------2---2-----2-----0---------------- Interlude: F E----1h3----------------------3-------------------------------------------- C-----------0---------0h2-------------------------0------------------------ G----------------0------------------0-----0h2------------------------------ D--------------------------------------------------------0h2h3------------- A-------------------------------------------------------------------------- F----0---0----0-------0----0-----0--------0----0-----0---0-----------------
Am G F F Am G F F Am G F F And after Am G F F the rains came Am G F F And washed out Am G F F her remnant Am G F F Am G F F Am G F F And looking Am G F F for traces Am G F F Of bloodlines Am G F F in faces G Am F C And you remind me of the breath that I drew G Am F F For you the shadow of a ghost -Interlude- F F F F Am G F F Am G F F Am G F F There's lions Am G F F between us Am G F F They'll cut us Am G F F to pieces Am G F F And before Am G F F the sun came Am G F F Forgotten Am G F F her old name G Am F C And you remind me of the breath that I drew G Am F F For you the shadow of a ghost no more -Interlude- F F F F F F F F

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