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Summer Me, Winter Me Tab

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Summer Me, Winter Me

( Alan Bergman, Marilyn Bergman and Michel LeGrand)

  		Intro: D Bm7 G A7 D Bm7 G A7 

D            D6                    D7M                D6 
Summer me, winter me, and with your kisses 
Am7         A7             Em7           A7    
Morning me, evening me, and as the world slips  
D         Bm7         G      A7       D    Bm7  G A7 
Far away, star away, forever me with love 
F             F6                  F               F6 
Wonder me, wander me, then by a fire  
Cm7          C7              Gm7                C7 
Pleasure me, peaceful me, and in the silence  
F            F6         B7                 E         Em7 
Quietly, whisper me, forever me with love 


   A7                D              D6 
And ev'ry day I'll gentle you, tender you 
   D7M          D6                Am7         A7 
And oh, the way I'll velvet you, clover you 
    Em7         A7              D                     D6 
I'll wrap you up and ribbon you, rainbow you 
   Em7              Am7    Cdim 
And shower you with shine! 
G7M                 G6        Em              Em7 
Suddenly, magically,   we found each other 
F#m             F#m7+           Bm           Bm7 
There we were, here we are I plan to let you  
Em        B                  Em7           A7/9-               D 
Happy me, summer me, winter me, always be mine 

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