Stone Temple Pilots


Stone Temple Pilots

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Year: 1992 - Album: Core

	  		Riff 1 (Intro and Choruses)                                               3x 

>.........................Fill A.......................< 

Riff 2 (Verses)                                                           2x 

Riff 3 (Bridge) 


Okay, here's the lyrics and some notes to tell you which part to play for 

Intro: Riff 1 with Fill A 
Verse 1: Riff 2    "Kickin' as I'm tryin' to sleep 
                    I got the mud beneath my shoes 
                    Rubber band, rubber band, gun in hand, 
                    Gun in hand I wanna use." 

Chorus: Riff 1 (with Fill A, 1ST TIME ONLY) 
                  "Roamin', roamin', roam 
                   (Get away, gotta get away.) 
                   And I think I think too much. 
                   (I don't care, yeah, but I don't care.) 
                   Roamin', roamin', roam 
                   (Get away, gotta get away.) 
                   And I think I think too much." 

Verse 2: Riff 2   "Trippin' as I'm thinkin' 
                   'Bout a boy, his name was Sue. 
                   He's a man, he's a man, Crackerman, 
                   Crackerman he's a woman too." 

Chorus: Riff 1 then go to Bridge 
Bridge: Riff 3    "And I'm thinkin' 
                   While I'm thinkin'. 
                   And I'm thinkin' 
                   While I'm thinkin'." 

Solo: (not tabbed) Riff 2 (4x) 
Chorus: Riff 1 then go to Bridge 

Outro: Riff 2 but ends on this chord:  |-------| 

Vocal ad lib during outro: "Wind traps, 
                            mud flaps, 
                            dust blowin' in my eyes, 
                            I'm rollin', 
                            I'm rollin'..." etc.

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