Alela Diane

Nothing I Can Do

Alela Diane



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Nothing I Can Do


Tuning: DADGBE (Drop D) 
th Fret 

h - hammer on/pull off 
v - brush up 
% - repeat previous bar 

  Verse                                         v                          x4    
E ||------------|-------------|-----------------0----|---------------------||| 
B ||----0--0----|-----0--0----|--------0--------0----|--------0-----0------||| 
G ||o---0--0----|-----0--0----|--------0--------0----|--------0-----0-----o||| 
D ||o---0-------|-----2-------|--------2--------0----|--------2-----------o||| 
A ||----2-------|--0----------|--------2--------0----|--0h-2--2------------||| 
D ||-5----------|-------------|--2--------------0----|--0h-2---------------||| 

Chorus                             x3  Chorus alt end v       Bridge                  

                                             v   x2 

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