The Story So Far

The Glass Keyboard

The Story So Far

Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate

by abelamin

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The Glass


Db->Bb x2 
C->Db  x2 
C->Db->Ab->Bb x2 

Lead you so far down 
I could tell you?d never been 
Told me that time?s near 
Ab                      Bb 
And how it will change everything 
Db                       Bb 
I'm not so open like the window you are 
    Db                      Ab 
The glass just reflects the scar 

Told me that you had to leave 
But how the fuck does that change anything? 

Db F Ab Your glare is the faintest Bb Ab No brightness to show Db F Ab Bb Ab I made the best of what I thought was impossible Db F Ab Bb Ab You were the spade I used to dig this hole Db F Ab Bb Ab Blistered my skin to the bone
Verse2 Db Swear all the pain?s done Bb No trace or tremor here Db Ab Bb Or am I still numb? Have I been this whole year? Db Bb So let me bite down, feel the clench in my teeth Db Ab Bb Db Ab Till I come around then relapse and repeat Bb Then relapse and repeat Chorus Bridge Db->C->Db(Timing may be tricky here) Bb Db Ab Bb Now you're gone C Db Ab Bb Now you're gone C Db Ab Bb Now you're gone C Db Ab Bb Now you're gone Ab Db Now you're...

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