The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

Chariot Keyboard

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by edsooliveira

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  		Intro: Am F C(2x)

Verse 1: 

Am              F                   C 
  A father kneels and starts to pray (whoa)  

Am           F                  C 
  For The son that he can't save (Oh no)  

Am            F                       C 
  He would Do anything to take his place But you know 

Am                       F                         C 
  Sometimes it's hard to understand mysterious Ways (whoa)  

Em C G F So the chariot took him home Em C G Am Now he's running through the streets of gold Em C G F He is swimming on the crystal seas Can't you See? Em C G F He will wait there for you and me
Verse 2: Am F C C A Mother kneels and starts to weep (whoa) Am F C C For The children she won't see (oh no) Am F C C And she Worked every single day of the week to care for Her young Am F C C But on that hospital bed she waits To die alone
Em C G F So the chariot takes her home Em C G Am She is welcomed in the arms of love Em C G F And she Is seeing all the beautiful things she dreamed Of Em Am G F And she is waiting to greet all of us
F C Don't Wait too long F C Don't Wait too long F C Today could go wrong F C Don't Wait too long to know Em C G F Will the chariot take You home? Em C G F Are we running down the streets Of gold? Em C G F Are we singing by the crystal seas You and me? Em C G F Em (hold) The gift of love has set you free

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