The Doors

People are stranger

The Doors

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People are stranger

	  		Em                   Am         Em        Am         Em    B        Em 
  People are strange  When your a Stranger  Faces look ugly when your alone 
  Women Seem Wicked   When your unwanted    Streets are uneven when you are 
  B                   G                          B                  B 
  When Your strange    Faces come out in the rain    When Your strange 
  G                          B 
  Nobody remembers your name   When your strange When your strange  
                                                 When your strange........ 
(Start Over again, repeat) 
             Start off with ---------   Then strum down the chords and 
                            ---------    then backup. 
                    VERSAO 2 
time: 4/4 
key:  F minor 
Fm                       Bbm                 Fm 
People are strange       when  you're  a  stranger, 
Bbm          Fm          Bbm6        C7   Fm 
Faces look ugly          when you're a - lone. 
Fm                       Bbm                 Fm 
Women seem wicked        when  you're  un -  wanted, 
Bbm          Fm          C7 
Streets are uneven          when you're down, when you're 
C                        Ab                Bbm7   C7      C7 
strange.                 Faces come out of the    rain       when you're 
C7                       Ab                Bbm7   C7 
strange.                 No one remembers  your   name       when you're 
C7                       C7                       C7      C7 
strange      when you're strange      when you're strange ... 

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