Robyn Hitchcock


Robyn Hitchcock

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Dm Csus2 Dm Csus2 

Dm           Csus2         Dm Csus2 
      Do you wonder like I do 
Dm              Csus2        Dm Csus2 
      What goes on inside of you 

Gm                F            Dm   Dm/C 
       In the cathedral of the mind 
Gm             F               C 
       All the worshippers are blind 

Dm            Csus2          Dm   Csus2 
       Like a toilet from outside 
Dm          Csus2         Dm   Csus2 
       A cathedral from inside 

Gm             F              Dm    Dm/C 
       There behind your open face 
Gm              F            C           
        Lies an awful lot of space 

Dm               F           C            Gm                 
        And if I ever look into your open eyes again 
Dm            F              C               Am                   Bb 
       I'll remind myself to stare until I'm looking through your eyes 

Dm Csus2 Dm Csus2 
        (Ahh  Ahh Ahh) 
Dm             Csus2             Dm   Csus2 
      When I'm hurt you feel the pain 
Dm                Csus2         Dm    Csus2 
      You've been in my head again 

Gm               F           Dm  Dm/C 
      You're projecting onto me 
Gm               F                 C 
      What you'd like yourself to see 

Dm            Csus2            Dm    Csus2 
      Now the clock is beating fast 
Dm          Csus2          Gm 
      Every moment wanders past 
And fades away 
           F            C 
Then comes back another day 
     Gm         Bb               D 
Do I go or do I stay Inside your mind 

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