Led Zeppelin

Baby Come on Home

Led Zeppelin

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Baby Come on Home

	  		(G# A# C G) 

There was a time 
G                                 F 
I used to call you on my very own 
We were so happy woman 

Talkin' for hours and hours on the telephone 

Then one day  
G                                        F 
I set you up to walk right outta my life 
Leaving' me all by myself 

All alone, to cry every night 

C                                   F                              G    
(Babe...) oooh, I want you to come back home yeah (come onhome)(oooh yeah) 

Sweet little girl 
                      C        G 
(ooh yeah, been gone so long) 

You've been away so long 

Now listen to me 

I said I made up my mind 
G                                   F 
Woman when you left me there, oh 
I was gonna find another sweet lover 

Who's gonna feel all of my... cares 

So I met a sweet little girl 
G                                     F 
Just about as nice as she could be, oh 

I fell in love with that woman 
But she turned around, and did the same thing again to me,woohoo... 

C                            F                        G    
(Babe...) Baby, please come home (come on home) home yeah... 
       F                                          C   G                                                  
I know, (ya been gone too long) been away so long 
C                                      F                          
(Babe...) I want you to please come home, oh (come onhooome...) 
(Oooh yeah) 
         F         C       G      
(Ya been gone too long) 

So I made up my mind 
G                                     F 
I gonna crawl right back to you woman 

I'm gonna plead and plead and plead, yeah 
'Till you're here by my side 
C                                                G 
I can't even walk down the same old streets we used to walkdown 
'Cause I keep thinkin about all the good times 
Keep thinkin' about it 

I wanna make you mine 
ooh babe 

                                   F       G   F 
babe, babe, babe, please (come on home, yeah) (come on home) 
(ya been gone too long) 

I want you to...oh! (babe... come on home) 

I want you to come back running home to me woman (oooh yeah) 

I want you to think

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