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Pink Floyd

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Year: 1971 - Album: Meddle

	  		Intro: G  
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Riff: e -------------------------- B -------------------------- G -4---5---7---9---11---12-- D -------------------------- A -2---3---5---7---9----10-- E -------------------------- Faça um slide de volta para o acorde G após cada riff.
Então segue a sequência: G C Bb G C Bb You say the hill's too steep to climb G C Bb Climb it. G C Bb You say you'd like to see me try G C Bb Climbing. A D You pick the place and I'll choose the time G And I'll climb C That hill in my own way. G C Just wait a while for the right day. G C And as I rise above the tree lines and the clouds D C G I look down, hear the sound of the things you said today. Ponte: Bm Am G C Bb Fearlessly the idiot faced the crowd G C Bb Smiling. G C Bb Merciless the magistrate turns 'round G C Bb Frowning. A D And who's the fool who wears the crown? G Go down, C in your own way G C And every day is the right day G C And as you rise above the fear-lines in the crowd D C G You look down, hear the sound of the faces in the crowd.

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