Building 429

Fearless Chords

Building 429

Difficulty: ExpertExpert

by roovernight

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  		Capo +1 
I don?t understand  
No I can?t comprehend  
	F#/D				G 
This power that draws me to you  
But I know for the cross  
I?ll consider all lost  
	F#/D			G 
In an effort to tell of the truth  

		D		A 
That the world may know 
 		F#/D	A 
That the world may know  
	G			Bm7			A 
That you have been heaven sent to us  

D I?ll be fearless for You A F#/D G I?ll be fearless for You D Take me I?m Yours A F#/D G I?ll be fearless for You
VERSE 2 Bm7 All the times that I?ve failed D When my doubt has prevailed F#/D G These are the moments I?m giving to you Bm7 Cause I can?t be ashamed D No I can?t fear the pain F#/D Em When it comes time to be living proof PRECHORUS 2 D A So the world may see F#/D A That the captives are freed G Bm7 A ?Cause you have been heaven sent to us BRIDGE G Bm A Unwilling to bend F#/D D C Unwilling to break Em Headstrong I?ll stand G No matter what it takes CHORUS X2 I Love the sentiment of this song. I have been preaching through Acts, and have made this the series theme song Hope you can use it, Bill

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