Julie London

How Deep Is The Ocean Keyboard

Julie London

Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate


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How Deep Is The Ocean

(Julie London)

Introduo: Em B5  Em7 C#m5-/7 B7/13- B7 

Em           B5        Em7                         
How much do I love you?     
I'll tell you no  lie  
Bm       F#7      Bm                    
How deep is the ocean?    
How high is the sky? 
G        G7                  
How many times 
            C9       Cm7 
A day do I think of you? 
Gdim         A7       
How many roses,  
   Edim Cdim         D7     
Are sprinkled with dew? 
Em                  B5     Em7                 
How far would I travel  to be  
Where you are? 
Bm              F#7     
How far is the journey,    
Bm              D9 
From here to a star? 
G      G7 E7/9-    E7       
And if I  ever  lost  you,   
  Am     Am7  Am7  C#m5-/7 
How much would I cry? 
G      G/F#       A9  D7      
How deep is the ocean      
   Am7     D7     G 
How high is the sky? 

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