Green Day

Do Da Da

Green Day

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Do Da Da

Year: 2002 - Album: Shenanigans

	  		Intro (G#5 ? D#5) 2x (G#5 ? D#5 ? C#5 ? D#5) 

G#5 ? D#5 ? C#5 ? G#5 ? D#5
Every time I'm falling down
You take the repercussions
Headaches and anxieties
Advancing my frustrations

(F5 ? G#5)  F5  *(G#5 ? D#5)
Rush into my depression
Sacrifice everything
Waste with me into nothing
Well now you're *( stuck with me) 3x
Solo (G#5 ? D#5 ? C#5 ? G#5 ? D#5)

Hand up your soul to my wrist
And I'll vow my trust to you
Moving on and I always thought
I realized you've imagined


Contribuição: Eduardo Verona([email protected])

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