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Danke Schoen

(Bert Kaempfert, K.Schwabachand M.Gabler)

Verse one 
D#                     Fm 
Danke schoen, darling, danke schoen 
A#7                   D# 
Thank you for all the joy and pain 
D#7                   G# 
Picture shows, secondbalcony 
        D#               A# 
Wastheplacewe'dmeet, secondseat 
Cm              A# 
Go Dutchtreat, youweresweet 

Verse two 
E                      F#m 
Dankeschoen, darling, dankeschoen 
B7                       E 
Savethose lies, darlingdon'texplain 
E7               A 
I recall Central Park in fall 
      E              B 
How I tore mydress, what a mess 
C#m       B 
I confessthat'snotall 

verse Three
F                      Gm 
Dankeschoen, darling, dankeschoeh 
C7                       F 
Thankyou for walksdownLoverslane 
F7                      A# 
I canseeheartscarvedon a tree 
        F           C 
Lettersentertwined for all time 
Dm              C 
Yoursand mine, thatwas fine 

Verse four 
F#                     G#m 
Dankeschoen, darling, dankeschoen 
C#7                          F# 
I wannathankyou for seeing me again 
F#7                     B 
Thoughwe go, we go ourseparateways 
          F#           C# 
Still thememorystays for always 
D#m                 C# 
Myheartstays for always 

Verse five 
G                      Am7 
Dankeschoen, darling, dankeschoen 
I saidthankyou for 
D7sus                    G 
Thankyou for seeing me again 
G7                               C 
Thoughwe go, we'regonna go ourseparateways 
              G            D 
But still thememorystays for always 
Em            D 
G                Am 

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