Gordon Lightfoot

Carefree highway

Gordon Lightfoot

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Carefree highway

	  		D               A           F#              Bm      A  
Pickin' up the pieces of my sweet shattered dream,  
  G              D             Asus4     A  
I wonder how the old folks are tonight.  
    D                A                 F#           Bm  
Her name was Ann and I'll be damned if I recall her face,  
    G                A               D  
She left me here not knowin' what to do.  
C G A D Carefree Highway, let me slip away on you. C G A Carefree Highway, you seen better days. Bm A G Esus4 E D The mornin' after blues from my head down to my shoes. C G Asus4 A D A Carefree Highway, let me slip away, slip away on you.
D A F# Bm A Turnin' back the pages to the times I love the best, G D Asus4 A I wonder if she'll ever do the same. D A F# Bm Now the thing that I call livin' is just bein' satisfied, G A D With knowin' I got no one else to blame. (Chorus) D A F# Bm A Searchin' through the fragments of my dream shattered sleep, G D Asus4 A I wonder if the years have closed her mind. D A F# Bm Well, I guess it must be wander-lust or tryin' to get free, G A D From the good old faithful feelin' we once knew. (Chorus)

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