Wear Me Down


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Wear Me Down

Year: 1991 - Album: Leisure



G#    Bb     C 
Every time I come here 

    G#       Bb      C 
I'm not sure what to say 

  G#      Bb        C 
I know it should be easy 

       G#    Bb         C 
But it never seems that way 

G#       Bb      C 
You, you make me feel 

     G#     Bb   C 
Like no one ever will 

   G#       Bb     C 
So why, why do you bore me 

  G#     Bb       C 
Until my heart is still 

Eb               Bb                    Dm 
You, you wear me down, my defenses are gone now 

And I can't fight 

  G#          Bb       C 
I can't say I love you easily 

    G#           Bb      C 
But you wouldn't want me to 

       G#     Bb       C 
So I'd rather just say nothing 

    G#       Bb    C 
And leave it up to you 

          G#   Bb    C 
Then it's easy to forget 

       G#      Bb       C 
You're just as small as me 

          G#   Bb    C 
Then it's easy to forget 

       G#      Bb         C 
You're just as foolish as me 


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