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G         C 
I pump poison into my body 
G    C 
To forget that I am me 
G    C 
It feels good, wonderful 
G        C        D C/D 
I forget I have feelings at all 

G    C 
You're dizzy 
G    C 
You're dizzy 

G    C 
I floated up fifteen miles high 
G            C 
Stuck my head through all the holes in our sky 
G            C 
I looked out across the universe 
    G        C 
And thought of you 
D    C/D 
Ahh ahh 

G C You're dizzy G C You're dizzy
Outro D G D G And I am dizzy too G C I became lunatic with rolling eyes G C Squirming on the ground frozen in ice G C Called to my mother, said "Mother, please G C Feed me before the sky falls in on me"

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