Clover Over Dover




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Clover Over Dover


C#m           B                     A 
I'm on the white cliffs of Dover 
C#m	       E            A 
Thinking it over and over 
C#m	 B	     A 
But if I jump its all over 
C#m          E         A   B 
A cautionary tale for you 

(verse 2 - same chords) 
I love to roll in the clover 
With you over and over 
On the white cliffs of Dover 
And then I'd let you push me over 

          C#m           B                 A     G#m         F#m F#             B  C 
And if that is the fact then in actual fact it's not where it's at and it's over 


(verse 3 - same chords) 
And now the bluebirds are over 
The white cliffs of Dover 
So when you push me over 
Don't bury me I'm not worth anything 

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