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Arms Of Love Keyboard

Amy Grant

Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by mjkriegl

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Arms Of Love

  		Dsus2                        D  
Lord  I'm really glad You're here.  
Dsus2                                  Dsus/C  
I      hope you feel the same when You see     all my fear  

    D/C      G/B  
And how I've failed  
I fall   sometimes.  
Dsus2                           D  
It's  hard to walk on shifting sand.  
Dsus2                               Dsus/C  
I miss the rock and find there's nowhere   left to stand;  

    D/C      G/B     
and start to cry.  
Lord please help me   
D/A               A/G             F#m7  
raise my hands so You can pick me up.  

Hold me close  
        Bb/C         C  
Hold me tight    -   er.  

D       A7sus/E       D               Bm7  Csus2/E  
I have  found         a place where I can  hide.  

     D7/A      G  
It's safe in - side  
     F#7     Bm    A/C#  
Your arms of love.  
D      A7sus/E         D/F#        Bm7   Csus2/E  
Like a child     who's held throughout a storm  
D7/A          G2  
You   keep me warm  
        F#7     Bm    A6  
In Your arms of love.  

Storms will come and storms will go.  
Wonder just how many storms it takes until  
I finally know  
You're here always.  
Even when my skies are far from gray  
I can stay;  
Teach me to stay there  

In the place I've found where I can hide.  
It's safe inside  
Your arms of love.  
Like a child who's helped throughout a storm  
You keep me warm  
In Your arms of love. 

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