Ziggy Marley

I Dont Wanna Live On Mars

Ziggy Marley

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I Dont Wanna Live On Mars

Am Don't wanna live on mars E I don't wanna drive space cars Dm I just wanna be with you Dm And do the things we do Am Don't want to escape to the moon E Even if the world went boom Dm I just want to be with you Dm And do the right things to you
Verse Am E You give me everything I need Dm You're my garden, You're my breeze Dm Let me get down, and thank you please Am E Hey let me lay here for a while, Dm Cause you're beauty makes me high Dm If you cry then I will cry Am E Yeah, let me make one thing clear Nothing can compare Dm You're love is the blue sky Dm You're love is a butterfly Chorus Verse Am Oh good karma you're my queen, E Precious things my eyes have seen Dm Dm Sweetest place I've ever been Am E You make me feel just like a king, Dm I'll never leave you for that girl Dm Oh my darling you're my world Am That witch called winter is so mean, E Summers that I've never seen, Dm Dm They say I'm love crazy, love crazy Chorus Bridge Bm Can't take the heat turn down the fire A Can't swim don't tempt the waters Bm Believe what you want, this is my point of view A I wanna be cool, so let me get through to you Chorus Chorus

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