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No Woman No Cry Chords

Bob Marley

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by christian

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No Woman No Cry

Year: 1977 - Album: One Love: The Very Best of Bob Marley

(Vicent Ford)

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Intro: b|-2-3-5--3--2--0---------7--8-7-5-3----------------------------| G|--------0--3--0--1-3-1--0--8-7-5-0----------------------------| (3x) D|--------0--2--0--0------0--9-7-5-0----------------------------| A|--------0--0--2--2------0--------0----------------------------|
No Woman No Cry Bob Marley No, woman, no cry; No, woman, no cry; No, woman, no cry; No, woman, no cry. C G Am F Said - said - said: I remember when we used to sit C G Am F In the government yard in trenchtown, C G Am F Oba - obaserving the ypocrites C G Am F As they would mingle with the good people we meet. C G Am F Good friends we have, oh, good friends weve lost C G Am F Along the way. C G Am F In this great future, you cant forget your past; C G Am F So dry your tears, I seh. C G Am F No, woman, no cry; No, woman, no cry. C G Am F little darlin, dont shed no tears: No, woman, no cry.

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