Youth Praise

Love Lifted Me

Youth Praise

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Love Lifted Me

	  		   G       Bm      C                  D/F# 
Glory, glory to God in the highest. 
    G       Bm      C   
Glory, glory to God. 
                     Am    Bm    C 
When nothing else could help,  
                    Am    Bm    C 
You came and rescued me. 

G Bm Em C9 Your love lifted me, Your love lifted me. G Bm Your love lifted me, Em C9 I am free to sing of Your love.
(Verse -> Chorus 2x) Bridge 1: Am Em G D/F# Higher, higher, higher than heaven; Am Em G D/F# Deeper, deeper, deeper than oceans; Am Em G D/F# Greater, greater, greater than mountains, C Your love... (3x) (Chorus)

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