Deep Purple


Deep Purple

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Year: 2003 - Album: Bananas

Key:  D More
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	  		Am  G/B   F   Am    G

D                                 F#m    
    I hear the beating of your wings
Bm                      G
    As if you're playing on my strings
D                                 F#m     
    In mysterious ways you draw me in
Bm                       G
    To a love beyond all understanding

    Beyond my reach
    So far away
    But it seems
    Like only yesterday

    I'm Haunted
      G           Am 
    Is that what you wanted
Am               G
    All that's left
             F              C 
    Is the ghost of your smile
    It stays awhile then fades away

D                                 F#m     
   I hear your footsteps on the ground
Bm                  G
   Tempting me to turn around
                 D         F#m   
   It's just the echo of a disenchanted lover
Bm                  G        
   Shuffling aimlessly homeward bound

C                   Am      
   To empty rooms and picture frames
         Em                 G
   And Friends who can't recall our names


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