Walter Toniosso


Walter Toniosso



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	  		Introd:   C  Am  C  Am 

C Am  C  Am 
Baby, baby, 
    C                   Am 
I thought you?d always be mine 
    C               Am 
And we could never be apart 
F7+  Am   F7+  Am    D7+  Em  D7+ Em 
But time, but time 

D7+            Em 
Y?keep running on my desk, 
D7+            Em 
Among flower in the garden, 
D7+            Em 
With your hair hitting your face 
D7+            Em 
Y?keep smiling, just smiling 
F7+ Am    F7+  Am 
But time, but time 

C   Am         C               Am  
Now on my own, watching photos in my room, 
C            Am                
A tear drops from my eyes, 
C                  Am  
Wetting portraits I love most 
Dsus4 D   
I     know 
Dsus4                 D   
It?s not your fault or even mine, 
Dsus4                       D   
Y?just followed your heart, chasing your reams 
Dsus4 D         Dsus4 D         Dsus4 D   
I,    time it?s I,    time it?s I,    time     it?s 
Dsus4 D      Dsus4 Dsus4               
I     know 

Solo: G D/F# Em G7/D C G/B Am Dsus4       x 2  

G   D/F#   Em          G7/D  
You just followed your heart 
C          G/B               Am         Dsus4 
Chasing your dreams, I know it?s not your fault. 
   D/F#   Em          G7/D  
You just followed your heart 
C          G/B               Am         Dsus4   G 
Chasing your dreams, I know it?s not your fault 

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