Dirty Green Vinyl


Dirty Green Vinyl

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Intro: A E D E 

D                                       A 
I am sure you were behind us in the queue, 
D                                             A 
so why's they cats with wrestlers in your crew, 
D                                  A 
and i dont even want to blame you, 

D                                        D 
but i'd undo that top button if i was you 

A E D       E 
woah,    B.A.B.Y 

D                                         A 
I climbed down a fire escape to get to you, 
D                                         A 
'cos i wanna be next in the kissing booth, 
D                        A 
and i dont want to fight, 
D                                      A 
i dont even want to ladder your tights, 
D                                   A 
but if we do, if we do i just might 

A E D      E 
woah,   B.A.B.Y 

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