Uriah Heep

Weep In Silence

Uriah Heep

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Weep In Silence

Year: 2001 - Album: High and Mighty

Dm Am Cm7 A5+
Dm F Cm7 A Dm F Cm7 A A5+

Dm                                      Am
You who thought your eyes could tell no lies 
        Bb   Bb7           Dm    C A7
So your life became a compromise 
           Dm          G
And it was you who had seen man dying 
    Em              A
And you heard their children crying 
Bb          Bb7           Dm
While their women weep in silence  F Cm7 A

And you, who thought you were so wise 
Succeeded only in disguise 
Now and then you'd find a bridge to cross 
Reach the other side and you'd still be lost 
Evaded by the sweet smell of life 

D                       A        C
And the people that you tried to show the way 
G                  Bb                  D
Never believe you, never believe you - no way 

Dm F Cm7 A

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