Uriah Heep

Sympathy Chords

Uriah Heep

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by The%5FFinal%5FCut

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Year: 1977 - Album: Firefly

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  		Dm              Gm 
Sympathy just doesn't mean 
      Dm             Gm 
That much to me 
Compassion's not 
     A              Dm 
The fashion in my mind 
And if you're looking for 
A shoulder to cry on 
       Dm                Gm 
Don't turn your head my way 
'Cause I'd rather have 
    A         Dm 
My music any day 

You and I are 
Masters of our destiny 
We look for consolation all the time 
Until we find out things are not 
What they were meant to be, oh no 
And if it doesn't suit our mood 
We'll call it crime 

 Gm                 Dm 
Dedication's not an obligation 
Or a figment of  
Someone's imagination 
It's the only way they say 
To live from day to day 
To make each passing way 
A small sensation 

Dreams are the possession of 
The simple man 
Reality the fantasy of youth 
But living is a problem that 
Is common to us all 
With love the only 
Common road to truth 

Dedication's not an obligation 
Or a figment of 
Someone's imagination 
It's the only way they say 
To live from day to day 
To make each passing way 
A small sensation 


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