Uriah Heep


Uriah Heep

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	  		intro chords Dm D Dm D C G D (2x) 

Take me across the water  
          C         G       D  
'Cause I need some place to hide  
I done the rancher's daughter  
       C        G         D  
And I sure did hurt his pride  

Well, there's a  

Hundred miles of desert  
         C        G        D  
Lies between his hide and mine  
I don't need no food  

And no water, Lord  
          C      G       D-D7  
'Cos I'm running out of time  

G                   F  
Fightin', killin', wine and women  
Gonna put me to my grave  
 G                F  
Runnin', hidin', losin', cryin'  
 Fmaj7                       D  
Nothing left to save but my life  

D C G D (2x) 

Stood on a ridge  

And shunned religion  
  C           G         D  
Thinking the world was mine  
I made my break and a big mistake  
Stealin', when I  
  G             D  
Should've been buyin' 

End chords D C Bb G# G-D  


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