Uriah Heep


Uriah Heep

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Year: 1977 - Album: Innocent Victim

Key:  Dm More
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	  		Dm   F               G          A#  Dm 
In a forest known as heartbreak 
     F               G    A#  Dm 
In a clearing in the wood 
         F              G          A#  Dm 
'Cross a pathway called confusion 
           F         G         A# 
Toward the garden of delight 

You'll reach the river of desire 
    C              A# 
And meekly try and cross it 
While the valley of love 
Keeps avoiding you 
        A#           Dm        F G A# 
Because it's only an illusion 
          Dm     F G A# 
Only an illusion 

Upon the hill of high ideals 
You begin to wonder if it's real 
You are reaching sleep's oasis 
You begin to wonder how you feel 

But it happens so quickly 
It doesn't fit into your scenes 
Tossin' and turnin' 
The star of so many scenes 
It's only an illusion 
It's only an illusion 

Outro: Am Am G F

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