Uriah Heep


Uriah Heep

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Year: 2001 - Album: High and Mighty

	  		Bb Dm Gm F Eb Bb Ab Bb -Bb5 Bb Bbdim5  
       Bb            Dm         Gm 
I'm so sorry for the things I've done 
        Cm       Bb            Ab 
And the times it went a little wrong 
Bb          Dm           Gm   F  Eb 
Try to understand that I made my plans 
        Bb       Ab     Bb   Eb 
With my love for you in mind 

Sometimes you get the wrong idea 
And I can't seem to make it clear 
If my heart doesn't show it's cause I don't know 
The best way to say I love you 
Cm           F               Dm                     Gm 
Every living day you fill my heart with a breath of spring 
Cm               F                 Dm             Eb 
And I search the universe for some joy that I can bring 
Ab  Bb 
To you 

Bbdim5 Bb 


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