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Holy Water Chords

Tony Iommi

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by lucicamargo

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Holy Water

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Main ||------------------||------------| ||------------------||------------| ||------------------||------------| ||----------2--2----||--4-7-------| ||--2-2-----0--0----||--2-5--5-7--| ||--0-0-0-3------3--||-------3-5--| PM . . Verse ||------------------||------------| ||------------------||------------| ||------------------||------------| ||------------------||--4-7-------| ||------------------||--2-5--5-7--| ||--0---0-3-5~-5-3--||-------3-5--| Pre-Chorus C A E E C A D D |--------------|--------2--2--| |--------------|--------3--3--| |--------------|--------2--2--| |--5--2--------|--5--2--0--0--| |--3--0--2--2--|--3--0--------| |--------0--0--|--------------| Chorus E E F G G A B C D |-------------------------| |-------------------------| |-------------------------| |---------------2-4--5-7--| |--2--2-4-5--5--0-2--3-5--| |--0--0-2-3--3------------|
Pre-Chorus C A I got no sense of purpose E E I sit alone I sit alone c A Got no sense of belonging D D Gettin? nowhere can?t go home
E E F G G There?s no one here me to help me drown my sorrows A B C D With just a splash of holy water E E F G G And I can?t see a thing beyond tomorrow A B C D Thank the Lord for holy water

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