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Third Day

Difficulty: AdvancedAdvanced

by luizhguimaraes

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Sing a Song

Year: 2003 - Album: Chronology, Vol. 2

I wanna sing a song for you Lord, 
Lord for you I wanna sing a song 
I wanna lift my voice to heaven  
and listen to the angels sing along 
D A song of your faithfulness A a song of your grace E and of your lovingkindness A to the glory of your name D with everything that is in me Lord F#m Listen to me say E I wanna sing a song for you D A I wanna sing a song
A I wanna live my life for you Lord Lord for you I wanna live my life and I wanna praise the name of Jesus and pray of all things your glorified Chorus A I can sing about you mercy and sing about your love Your goodness Lord, your rightousness I wanna sing a song... Chorus (2) A Holy holy holy F#m (we ll sing) Holy holy holy E D (we ll shout) Holy holy holy A Are you Lord almighty (4)

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